Theta Healing Power will change your life

theta healing power

Theta Healing Power is run by the remarkable healer, and generally amazingly enlightened, empathic and lovely soul that is, Manon de Jongh.

Manon renewed, refreshed and updated her digital footprint, and worked closely with us at MEM to provide a top-notch yet beautiful, informative, useful and optimised site, strategy and business set-up.

Here you can meet a lady who literally changes peoples lives with her incredible Theta Healing techniques.

Amazingly, when we are in ‘Theta’ state, our subconscious minds can be accessed and therefore self-limiting or negative beliefs at that time can be changed in moments. It is extra-ordinary. The proof of the work is done after a session when old negative beliefs are re-tested to show the changes made during the healing. It can be used for all kinds of useful purposes, towards designing the mind-set and life you want. Pretty cool, hey..?

The number and quality of success stories that Manon has is extra-ordinary. She is a brilliant find for all kinds of health and intention issues.

Have a look at Manon’s beautifully inspiring site –