The most important work..? How about – ‘The Caretakers of the Earth’.

‘Real wealth comes from freedom, production, savings, and technology… not debt, spending, and money printing.’ Simon Black

With so much important work needing to be done – so many things to fix, expose, improve and simplify – it seems if we don’t have a worthy cause that we are contributing to then we may not be doing the work that we know we should be. ‘Should’ be – because surely our job on earth is to improve and make a constructive and positive impact… rather than to be passive and continue down this destructive route to annihilation.

With the incredible capability that digital business allows us, we can work ever more independently and remotely – whilst being more interconnected and informed than ever before. Work with the people that you connect with, and make relevant businesses based on your goals, talents and skills, with a real consideration for what is important to you and the community.

Reading and listening to interesting people like Seth Godin, The Guardian, Timothy Ferriss, Simon Black, The Daily Reckoning, Russell Brand, Mishs’ Global Economic Forum – we are able to learn with and from an endless pool of brilliant people – and this is right at our fingertips. This is what we love to do. The capacity to make a difference and give back, share knowledge and help each other. The ability to share real information, important real news, to make a difference.

We are now working with, ‘The Caretakers of the Earth’ to save essential virgin rainforest in Peru – and the lives and livelihoods and important knowledge of the original medicine men – the shamans. Most of the medicines we use come from nature – and yet only about 10% of the rainforest has been properly researched. The oldest and most important forest in the world. In the meantime. Illegal loggers have been raping it, and there are now real concerns over the forests capacity in future to regulate our seasons. The natural medicines collected and used by the shamans – from the oldest trees on earth – are the most potent – and man believe contain a spirit that cannot be matched by synthesised pharmaceuticals.

What could be more important than saving our lungs and medicines..?

We are developing a trust and foundation to allow for people to get involved, add skills, contacts and know-how, and attract sponsors. We are organising crowd-sourcing projects – and by allowing conscious people to get actively involved, will be a wonderful way to raise the profile of this awesome endeavour.

It seems incredibly important for us to save the lungs of the earth, the most in-touch doctors, and the healing tools that humanity has been provided by nature that are mostly undiscovered.

Contact us if you want to know more or get involved.

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