Refered by another client partner, Kate Hill from approached MEM as she was ready to hit the ground running with her own Property Investment Consultancy, after securing many awards as one of Australia’s Top Independent Property Investment Advisers – and needed a professional online business set up. Kate Hill is brilliant, determined, meticulous,



Cliftons are Asia – Pacific’s leading provider of Computer Training Facilities. Further illustrating James’ corporate background, he was contracted to develop and install a multi-faceted marketing plan into this market leading blue-chip multi-location Asia-Pacific based professional services outsourcing company. Detailed sales function audit and analysis. Refinement of CRM system. Identification and tracking of all key meets Little Green Coin and Saves the World


This is a massive re-alignment that is long overdue –  a brand new digital global currency, trading platform, and fund, that invests in the protection of key pristine rainforest, habitats, species, and key resources of the planet. Facilitating phone based transactions, a new sim card technology (FUZO) developed by, creates a solid Block-chain based platform for the ‘Little Green Coin’ (LGC) , a revolutionary new, resource backed and regulated, digital currency, to thrive.

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