+Asas – flying in Rio

Fancy a bossanova school with cocktails and dancing in a landmark cliff-side mansion?  +Asas – ‘more wings’ – is developing a stylish and fast-growing, ‘local experiences’ portal attracting adventurous locals, tourists and big brands alike. An innovative start-up based in…
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Das Innovative Auge

Our good friends in Austria are booming now in their business offering everything from top videography and graphic design work, to beautiful websites and digital businesses. We share information, tools, questions, and help out these awesome videographers and designers with…
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Theta Healing Power will change your life

The remarkable healer and generally amazingly enlightening, empathic and lovely lady, Manon de Jongh, renewed, refreshed and updated her digital footprint, and worked closely with us at MEM to provide a top-notch yet beautiful, informative, useful and optimised business set-up.…
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It’s out with the old..

The world is changing fast. We are adapting and adjusting to the internet faster than ever. We are reading, shopping, watching, learning, exploring on-line. It is becoming ever-more convenient and simple to use. We can do it from our phones…
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