The extra-ordinary Secret Garden Party



We are just back from working in Production at the unrivalled Secret Garden Party.

It is hard to express just how magical this event is. At least on the surface. Behind the scenes there are a large team of dedicated workers making it all happen – many barely sleeping for a week or more (often in the mud and rain!) – setting up, managing and dealing with any issues, so that the plus 30,000 ‘Gardeners’ can revel in the beauty of this magnificent Cambridgeshire estate.

It is a huge Project Management exercise, with thousands of moving parts, providing everything from stages, lighting, and some of the worlds top artists and performers, to security, catering and row-boats!

Search Youtube for just an idea of just how incredible this event is. MEM are very proud to be involved with this brilliant event, working closely with the Directors and key management staff in critical front and tech facing roles.