FUZO meets Little Green Coin and Saves the World

This is a massive re-alignment that is long overdue –  a brand new digital global currency, trading platform, and fund, that invests in the protection of key pristine rainforest, habitats, species, and key resources of the planet. Facilitating phone based transactions, a new sim card technology (FUZO) developed by bitsim.co, creates a solid Block-chain based platform for the ‘Little Green Coin’ (LGC) , a revolutionary new, resource backed and regulated, digital currency, to thrive. It will save the world, if we let it. Let me explain.

You can do all of your banking from your phone. No cash, no cards. Instead of dollars and cents, you have ethically wonderful digital coins that are secure via your phone, and through whichever bank in your area is smart enough to jump first and properly into this market. More of that, later.

In the case of it’s potential use in Banking, for example, as well as gradually replacing physical cash and credit cards, it cuts out numerous banking fees, and brings banking and transacting to anyone with a phone – including of course the potential of bringing online the bankless billions without bank accounts, and interrupting the entire Fintech industry along the way.

This combination of technology and concept provides a new currency with a many tangible values. You swipe your phone to buy your groceries, and send money to pay bills to any participating phone number (or email address) in the world – avoiding the normal fees currently associated with Banks, Western Union and Paypal.

The new fund that comes from floating this LGC serves to save our environment, as the money generated from these coins goes into the buying, protection and restoration of targeted essential forests and natural elements of the world.

With every digital LGC you effectively buy a physical part of designated virgin land, water, resources required to save the physical world. Also leveraging them to Carbon Credits means we can invite Corporations to buy them to off-set their carbon emissions, and we can push the value of them up -providing more funds to save the planet- by investing in them and using them more easily than our entire banking system as it currently stands.

I think we should get some funding for this from someone like Branson, for Virgin Money, and because he claims he wants to help the Amazon and would be ideally positioned to integrate it into his businesses – or a fund like the Low Carbon Accelerator  – in order to tidy up all the details, and get it to the next level.

This can work for the banks if the banks are prepared to embrace it – or Little Green Coin could be a fully regulated bank of it’s own, owned by the people who own some securely on their phone.

It has a million ramifications of course.

With disruption and massive developments coming fast in Fintech, who wants to help filter Ebay, Gumtree, and everywhere else we shop by what is good? We need better filters from our grocery store, and into everything we buy.

Let’s strive for integrity, humanity and compassion in our choices, and help billions of people avoid huge financial fees, and buy only the best products and services. Let’s have at least 100 filters so we can choose how green we want to be. And lets vote up the best products and services and their management.

Want to help build the new economy? What would you like to do?

Let me know if you feel to.

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