This End-to-End Fundamentals Course includes One-on-One Digital Business Coaching for those interested in Building Effective Online Businesses and Digital Marketing Management.

Go from Beginner to Advanced

In this course, curated online business development resources and insights are revealed and examined - from concept right through to building and managing an effective online business. We will cover business strategy, planning, implementation, marketing, project and business management and more - and your instructor will take you through each step on screen.

By the end of the course, you will have defined your audience, set up a website and be driving traffic to the major marketing channels. You can implement the same steps at work or for your clients as a Digital Marketing Manager or Online Business Consultant.

Inside the course, you'll learn about:

  1. Digital Business Planning and Strategy
  2. Search Engine Optimisation
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Customer Relationship Management
  5. Retention Management
  6. Conversion Rate Optimisation
  7. E-Commerce Copy-writing
  8. Product Marketing
  9. Project Management


This course will be delivered personally online by a Teacher and Consultant with more than 15 Years Digital Business experience.

This course Includes:

  • Weekly One-on-One Online Coaching
  • Over 100 hours Training on-demand Videos
  • Over 100 Key Tools and Resource Resources and Articles
  • Google Adwords and Analytics Certificates

Who is the target audience?

  • Pre-launch business owners who want to learn how to do it right from the beginning
  • Business or Website owners who are struggling to get traffic and sales
  • Students looking to study Digital Marketing Management
  • Anyone looking to learn well paid freelancing skills and work online

Course Update:

From March 2018 the course will include the following extra training:

  • Case Studies of Clever Companies & how they Exploded Growth
  • The Architecture of Viral Content
  • How to write Better Headlines and Snippets that Boost Click-Through Rates
  • Cutting-Edge SEO Strategies to use in a niche, and how to out-perform the Competition
  • How businesses build targeted visitors using Clever Press and Publicity

This Digital Marketing Course is designed to make you a great marketer through four months of guided study.

  • The course gives you a wealth of information
  • Access to the latest and most useful resources and tools
  • Specific personalised support depending on your areas of need and interest
  • Nine fundamental Digital Business subject areas covered in detail
  • On-going support available to help you build your business

From your Coach:

Hi there and welcome! If you want to learn how to set up, optimise an efficiently manage online businesses, then you're in the right place.

In addition to one-on-one training and on-line courses, you will receive online help and support. Students are able to start discussions and message with questions. I answer 99% of these within 4 hours.

I work flexibly to give you personalized coaching using Skype - and guide you through the modules.

What really sets this course apart, is not just learning about the best platforms, tools, and integrations to use to build an online business – but building as your learn - an effective on-line business.

Also, students can make great connections and get extra business advice from  real experts. You are encouraged to ask questions, and I am always here to help. I adapt to your level of knowledge to make your training experience as effective as possible.

I tend to form great long-term business and friendly relationships with people I coach.

This is my curated collection of practical strategies showing you exactly how to build and manage on-line businesses.

All advice in this digital marketing course comes from things I have done personally. So there is no guessing and no theory. I know the ins and outs of every tactic I suggest, because I use them for my clients. I am confident that you will be an excellent digital marketer if you follow the course instructions and pass the subject tests.

What kinds of businesses can be promoted using the marketing strategies in this course?

With the marketing strategies in this course, you can promote almost any kind of business.

Potential online businesses you could build using the strategies in this digital marketing course include: creating automated e-commerce websites, affiliate marketing, e-learning, creating channels and networks on and off-line, becoming an author and selling books online, or becoming a freelance digital consultant and providing digital marketing services to businesses.

This is an individually tailored course that provides curated best-practice resources, for constructing and optimising an online business.

There are only a few places left for 2018. I work with only a select few suitable students every year, in order to offer the personal service that this important business investment requires.


I can't guarantee results for your business. Results will vary for every business, depending on factors like the economic climate, market environment, and your ability to implement the suggested strategies.

For this years pricing and admissions: