Secret Foodies

secretSpecialist gastronomic and culinary adventure company based in Sydney, and now Melbourne. Alex (Miss Darlinghurst) is a passionate, lovely and dedicated foodie, exploring the latest food and drink establishments, and inviting you to join her in awesome gastronomic experiences, whilst meeting like-minded people.

The really cool part is that you get to explore the best new and up-coming eateries and areas – but you don’t know exactly where you are eating, or who you are meeting, until a couple of hours beforehand! It;s exciting, it’s fresh, it’s a fun night out for social foodies and their friends, and Australia loves it.

We really enjoyed being a part of the early stages of this unique and exciting business, and provided specific Sales and Marketing Consultancy, with a real focus on Digital development, and management support. The business is now developing quickly, with a fantastic profile and brand established, and really making a mark, receiving excellent exposure across town and throughout the media. The website now is full of great places to eat and great ideas of what to do in Sydney, along with foodie events and activities. Love it.