Now, the Future and FijiKava

Here we are in 2020, and the game has changed.

Virtual Reality, Smart bots, Artificial Intelligence and Robots are amongst us. Electric cars that can just about drive us home. 

And yet we are more anxious about the future than ever. We are facing new and existential global problems that threaten us all. 

So what are we to do about it? 

One thing we can do is promote good, positive, sustainable initiatives and businesses, and move away from the bad, through making good, smart, conscious choices.


We are better interconnected online

The internet connects us to the news in live time. Social networks keep us in touch with each other. Facebook is the Grand Master of Social Networks, but Instagram, Twitter, Linked in, Pinterest and even Snapchat have particular and large audiences and influence.

We can have a voice like never before. We can share, develop, collaborate, promote and evolve into better choices. 


Yes, the world in our hand allows unlimited opportunities to explore, connect and grow every day.  But are we using this opportunity to collectivise and evolve responsibly?

Google offers live photo matching to products, and connects you with where you can find them, or similar to buy. Online shopping ships just about anything to our door – and often within minutes.

Voice activated stuff actually works – and these days we can ask Google to run our lives it seems – with home based smart devices that can wake us up, turn the coffee and lights on, tell us about our day, and co-ordinate our communications for us, before we even get out of bed.

But can we use our ingenuity and innovativeness to progress and evolve collectively into a sustainable system and future?


We have the tech – so what is stopping us from saving ourselves?

More and more people want to protect and pay more attention to nature, and support basic human rights for all as our priority, as we evolve emotionally and spiritually, and aim to reduce unnecessary suffering.

There is a massive awakening happening, with the internet opening the world to more and more of us exponentially, and as individuals and communities around the world are becoming more conscious of their footprint, and aware of what is going on in the world, then change is coming.

We need everyone to take stock and protect nature and each other. 

We can use the power of the internet to educate and evolve our individual and collective behaviour.


Can we evolve fast enough to save our race?

We need to work and inspire each other through sharing and learning towards sustainable solutions, greater awareness, compassion, natural solutions, permaculture, simplicity and community within the global collective consciousness. 

We need to focus on community, kindness, integrity, and an ever greater awareness of our interconnection to each other, whilst recognising and trusting in our own, and each others inherently good intentions.


We must embrace technology and the efficiency it brings, and use it in the right ways to enable us all to build this new world, together.

We need to embrace good business, and divest from the bad. We should support ethical and smart business that puts people first.

FijiKava is one of those natural products we know makes sense – a traditionally used native Fijian plant, that promotes and supports calm, peacefulness and sleep.

With anxiety, stress and depression at record levels, it’s products like these that can help us all take stock and live more calmly and consciously. With massive opiod and prescription medicine issues in ‘advanced’ economies such as the USA – Fijikava can be a game changer for our very state of mind.

Fiji was rated as the happiest country on earth – and learning from our earliest storytellers – our indigenous, and from nature itself, is the way forward. Here we find natural solutions to natural problems.


FijiKava is an exciting new business, producing, ‘Nobel’ Kava organically – and is lauching in five major countries including the USA, China and Australia.

The data shows it to be a safe and effective alternative to drugs such as Valium or even Zanax.

FijiKava is for everyone who wants a better peace of mind, and a better nights sleep.


Immersive Media for High Engagement Marketing is what we are capable of now.

Early adopting brands can grab viewers attention like never before, building meaningful relationships with customers, while introducing them to positive and helpful products or services in a brand new way.

We Do:
  1. Immersive Brand Design and Marketing – optimised per platform
  2. Google and Social Network ads / campaigns, testing, insights and management
  3. Installing Automation tools and procedures, to simplify business and revenue streams
  4. Project Management, reporting, and personalised service

Below  are some demo ads we have produced for FijiKava – we like representing good, sensible businesses and brands like this, as well as analysing and mastering new apps, tools and options – so we can tap into the zeitgeist – and grow worthwhile businesses.

We work to differentiate, make our advertising jump out of the page, encourage community excitement and engagement, greater awareness and sales, and using the latest tech and new features such as 3D, depth images and GIFS to tell stories, and inspire our communities.

We are excited to be working with perhaps the most original, tech-savvy and creative brand and event designer in Australia – who runs multiple events based on his own concepts, and creates extraordinary art that brings them to life.


We can build the new world together, if we use good tech to work together to promote worthwhile, forward looking businesses like FijiKava.

On devices these ads can amaze us even more with depth, 3D and pano options on platforms like Facebook.

We can create custom techniques adapted to many different platforms – be it Instagram, Facebook, Apps, Websites, even Uber Eats. There’s a big opportunity right now to really differentiate.

Are you doing something good?

If so, we would love to hear from you.

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Posted by Surreal Socials on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Posted by Surreal Socials on Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Posted by Surreal Socials on Tuesday, February 4, 2020




Combine these eye popping ads with the right headlines, placements, links and budgets – and you have a product launch as good as anything around today.


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