How we save the world together

The word, ‘likely’ was investigated tonight on SBS TV, when considering the science on Global Warming, and the impending climate crisis. Can we save the world together?

The investigation arrives as we consider charging business a tax on polluting emissions, with the idea that this tax incentivises big business to operate more responsibly towards the environment, and to invest in ‘cleaner’ technology, ultimately helping to leaving a smaller footprint on our ever-more vulnerable ecosystems.

In the end, a leading climate scientist seemed more concerned about our inability to agree as individual states, and perhaps therefore alluding to that need – and perhaps for a single government globally –  if we are to achieve any real change.

He is uncomfortable with the likelihood of devastation via the destruction of biodiversity through increasing human influence and levels of carbon dioxide, known to jeopardise essential elements required for human life. He placed his current estimate on the risk of such devastation eventuating at between 10 to 20% , and interestingly, an equal ratio on the likelihood of smooth sailing. Pretty inconclusive then, it seems. What the other 60 to 80% is what he considers the most likely outcome therefore,  is somewhere in-between those two extremes. The timescale around this is also debated.

It doesn’t take a million scientists to see how quickly our climate is changing, with record annual temperatures here in Australia, and very strange climate extremes and behaviours more obvious every year.

What this scientist did make clear was, regardless of human interaction, and certainly enhanced by it, was that Greenland and other major traditionally, ‘cold’ areas of the globe, are warming and melting more quickly, and will, ‘likely’ cause sea levels to continue to rise, ultimately displacing billions of people and costing trillions of dollars.

The argument as to what difference cutting Australia’s emissions will make on a global scale is important, as we currently produce only around 1% of total global emissions, though per head, are the worst polluters, as we dirty burn coal for most of our energy. The prevailing view in this case of course is that we need to lead the way and set the example for other countries to follow, in the hope that they too will embrace cleaner technologies for the potential benefit of us all. Sadly, our current economic system and Prime Minister, are reducing investments in clean energy, whilst other countries like Germany are bounding ahead. I mean how could we pay for the $50 billion invested in traditional energy infrastructure recently, if we quickly became personally energy independent and stepped off the grid..? So economy before good sense and the environment remains the norm here, sadly.

What I think we do know, instinctively, and through experience to be true though, through all of this, is the innate recognition that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If we live it large, we pay for it. What goes up, must come down. Yin/Yang. Karma, balance, a natural equilibrium – call it what you will – what goes around comes around. We know that everything returns to centre, sooner or later. So what we create is what we will get.

So we simply start with what we do know, that with love we care about all things being well. With a considered consciousness and some compassion,  we first insist that every person is fed and watered, that laws are in place that protect and nurture all of us, rather than just those lucky enough to be born on a particular patch of land. In the keeping clean and natural our food and production systems, we create a healthier, more sustainable environment for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

We find Peace of Mind through living in balance, as does nature, when left to its own devices, and hence we feel more in tune with the earth and each other. This makes sense, when you consider that if our goal is to live long and happy lives, and compassion is proven to be the happiest state, then being conscious of ourselves and others, and all around us, conscious of what we are taking and giving, what we are using and creating, conscious of how we individually effect our environment, leads to this end, on all levels.

Continuing this logic then, when self-serving interests jeopardise this basic human right to be supported by the earth, they need to have this doctrine instilled in them, at all costs, until we operate with one, clear vision, the vision of protecting and creating, rather than suffering and destruction. After all, we are all brothers and sisters, and so we need to be in it together.

I remember a book called, ‘The Truth Machine’. It was about a brilliant scientist who invited such a device, that was eventually worn on everyone’s wrist, changing the world as we know it. Business was done quickly and efficiently, the entire legal system turned on its head, and far more efficient. We weeded out issues, bad ideas and attitudes quickly, and progressed quickly in the interests of all mankind. Imagine that level of transparency enforced in our representatives.

How, ‘likely’ is it, that mankind will turn back to loving itself and each other, community rather than individualism, globalisation rather than exclusive patriotism, love rather than fear..? If this is the goal, then what responsibility do we therefore have to then function consciously, with active consideration, collaboration and inclusivism – to stand up for the earth and its people, in the best interests of all our brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers and children..?

What can we do? No point going on about ‘love is all we need’ without some direct and achievable ideas, right..? Here’s a few then.

  • Be individually conscious of footprint and impression we leave with others and with the earth – use less, re-use, recycle, and share our resources – remember we are all brothers and sisters and we are all in this together.
  • After school, instead of a year of National Service, we all do a year helping and learning in a considered manner in a less fortunate community.
  • We demand an end to illegitimate warmongering/destructive policies by voting those in that tell the truth, rather than falling for the spin, and by making our representatives accountable.
  • Keep the internet open and free. Online allow open dialogues between countries, peoples and ideologies. We consider all the beliefs and understandings of the people of the world through a focussed and open platform, using social and on-line tools to spread further involvement and effect future direction from the overall insights and understandings gained of it, with the one caveat that all conclusions drawn must be for the greater good, and decisions are made with equal global weighting.
  • We tax destruction and pollution into submission, and use these taxes to create systems and technologies encouraging innovation and sustainable solutions generation – along with work for an emotionally evolving and better educated public.
The modern day hippie is not what he used to be. We can support energy, computers, music, transport, shelter, food and fresh water for everybody. Easily.

We can provide a platform for people to blossom and grow, love and learn, live and flourish. We can live and learn. We can grow emotionally to realise that love is what brings us together and makes us feel deep satisfaction, not fear and separation.

Or in years to come, the last of us will laugh at us for being so stupid.

Naturally we won’t solve the problems of the world in a blog post – but fleshing out ideas and sharing and considering real information is progressive and needed now more than ever.

All we need is love! 😉

Thanks for listening!