How to be inspired in your work – even if working for someone else

how to be inspired

How can we remain inspired in our work? It’s a most common question..

‘According to a Gallup report from last year, 13 percent of employees from 142 countries are “engaged” in their jobs. However, twice as many are “actively disengaged”—they’re negative and potentially hostile to their organisations’

‘Just to pay the bills’, is a sad motive in this society for doing a job you aren’t engaged in.

Imagine spending two-thirds of your waking life doing something irrelevant to you, and that held little meaning for you.

Your vocation is where your skills and the earths needs meet.

Find it and you will find your path and some reason for being here.

If you are not sure what to do with yourself – investigate your areas of interest – try new things – make a point of being curious and experimenting. Be bold and talk with people that do things you think you would enjoy. Keep looking and searching until you find things that inspire and drive you. In the end you will have learnt so much and been so productive that even if you move from one thing to another for the rest of your life, you will have pushed in the directions that felt right to you, and will have discovered people, opportunity, adventure and knowledge you would never have done sitting frustrated in that dead-end job.

Today we are looking at Aquaculture and Permaculture.

It’s an exciting, smart and positive industry with a bright future. The capacity for more and more people to become more self-sufficient is exciting and inspiring.

So what’s inspiring you today..?