Glastonbury and Great British Festivals

Summer in Britain. Ah! Smashing! The most amazing events we have ever seen. Beautiful estates and farms. And endless variety of expression, art and colour. A rare opportunity when our community comes together in a relatively non-competitive and loving environment to enjoy, dance, laugh and love. These are hugely important cultural gatherings where we get inspired, share, meet, collaborate and grow.

How does Stuart from the acoustic stage run the business..? With a range of project planning tools, databases, mobile devices and a brilliant family-like team.

How does Lou manage the Production office at Silver Hayes, with so many differing demands and requirements..? With tight processes, and a shit-hot and sharp team.

How does Glastonbury manage around 150,000 people including about 25,000 staff..? It’s a huge project management exercise with thousands of big and small considerations, all needing to come together for a brief period, to build a temporary city which needs to provide practically everything a normal city does – only to be deconstructed as precisely as it was constructed – all in a matter of weeks.

And what is the essence of it all..?  The talent, the performances, the inspired and kind spirit of all involved that contribute to make this extra-ordinary Art and Expression Party happen. It bombards every sense with such inspiration and random brilliance that that you don’t want to sleep in case you miss a blink of it. Frankly this kind of collaborative positive information check-out and check-in is what leads to us festie folk oft’ spending our summers in some beautiful secret garden amongst the wilderness. And why wouldn’t we. They include much of what many of us want a lot of life to be like. These expressive comings together and the attitude they foster massively help shape our collective consciousness – our cultural and social development

Top processes, top people, top co-ordination, great communication and consideration. We love these people and these events. Who wouldn’t..? 😉

Check out this excellent article by Adam Saville on, wherein he accurately exclaims…

It’s a multi-faceted cultural gathering still pretty much untouched by corporatism where what really matters — rather than age, sex, race or class — is that you don’t disrupt or disturb the status quo of a 44-year-old establishment with more integrity than probably any other.



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