Can you find that brilliant, reliable developer..?


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On November 15, 2013
Last modified:November 6, 2014


It is not easy to find GOOD developers to work on your site - trust me.

It is not easy to find an awesome developer to work on your website or digital business – believe me!

It takes a lot of time to find the best ones, to screen and filter through them, find ones up to date with best-practice and with the right skills, those who are honest and reliable and smart, and who care about doing a good job, on-time, and of course, for the right price.

There are indeed various services on-line to help you – like O-desk or E-lance for example – but you will find that you will spend DAYS, WEEKS and MONTHS trying them out to discover that most of them are very challenging to work with – they usually over-promise and under-deliver – and promise they know how to do things they often don’t. It’s painful.

Hey I should say.. usually I really like these guys, they are generally lovely people. But you can be sure that they rarely follow instructions, rarely deliver on-time, often do things they are not asked to do, and regularly submit work which is either of poor quality or with obvious mistakes. Some will even go ahead and work unauthorised hours doing things not requested, and still expect to be paid.

It is a hassle. One has to then go back and do the same job over again, and spend the time explaining the mistakes, or finding a new developer. Over and over again. It really takes effort, tight systems and good management to find the serious ones who will follow instructions, have a good eye for excellent design and that have the outstanding attention to detail that I expect. There is always a period of training required to get them up to these standards, and this is not something that you want to have to do.

Above and beyond all that – the real skill comes in the concepts and ideas, the look and feel, the design and flow, the content, find-ability, knowledge on the most efficient and effective ways to share and use the site (and other web geography) – management and tools, and the collection and retention of customers. This is what we do at Magic Eye Marketing – when we are not managing those pesky developers…. 😉

It is not easy to find GOOD developers to work on your site - trust me.
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