Compassion for Peace of Mind and a better world


Today Dad came to visit, and it was lovely. 85 and fit as an ox.

He is amazed that technology allows us to communicate and share with the world any information that even might be worth sharing, with anyone who might be interested, with the click  of a button.

My brilliant and close friend Chris said today that there are now more than 6  billion people on earth with a telephone handset. Soon enough, most will be internet enabled. It’s growing at a rate of knots all over the world.

Then we have the adventure to come of IPTV and the promises of ever-further interactivity and useful tools.

We now have computers in our hands that do so much more than tell the time. And they talk to each other, as well as us talking to them, and provide amazing efficiency and solutions faster than ever before.

The internet and the future is information and millions of applications that come  for us to use and enjoy.

This is the time to race to innovate. We have to be creative problem solvers. We have to figure out how to add value to our community and the earth in order to survive. It requires dedicated time and individual, and, collaborative thinking.

Improving the world for each other and our children is the race to ultimate complicity. Simplicity and purity. Anything taking away from improving the world needs to end.

The internet really helps to level the playing field. Anyone with a computer can share their story, knowledge, trade, idea, and business. Why should there be security guards in the the States or Australia earning more than a PHD in India?

Necessity breeds invention. Bring on innovation, bring on improvements in how cleverly and happily we can create this life. Simple logic tells us that if we continue to live in any debt-laden society, that the standard of living will deteriorate along with public services – and possibly all too quickly for our comfort. So. Reduce consumption, re-use, recycle, trim down the fat. Spread the wealth. Provide useful services to countries and communities who need it. And not for the money, but for the difference we all can make. Turns out compassion is the state that also leads us to fulfilment. So by working together through love and open kindness, we can all thrive and be happy.

Bring on The Ideas Generation. Let’s collaborate to combine our learning’s into ways to love the world and each other.

The question as to whether we should impose our views on others, control and manipulate their minds..? For the greater good..? Do we propagate love and tolerance..? As natural humans we do. None of us want to live in fear. I don’t believe. Not for long, anyway. The pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. If compassion is the happiest state, then it’s a win/win. We all contribute to make the communal consciousness what it is. We can’t do it alone.

So we put it out there. We choose to contribute, to try, to add meaning, value and reason to our strange lives.

Who controls this new consciousness then..? How is it governed and managed..? Do we step away from the elitist and separating monetary  system as it exists today and how do we do that effectively..? Is that really what is required to make feeding the world and basic human rights our first priority, when now the desire for money and power dictates.?

If compassion is meant to be our motive, how can we help each other?

Working towards a genuine Peace of Mind. We achieve peace of mind when we are settled in the mind, have a clear and calm consciousness, without tension, and attentiveness as to observing ourselves and our thoughts while at the same time remaining conscious of all around us. This gives us space and a calm mind to work through any consideration. We are all innately aware of how that when we are most still in our minds, we have the best clarity.

From this state, any conscious individual should therefore at all times be mindful of any suffering, in ourselves and in others. And it starts from there. No matter what arguments we may come up with for the hows and whys and wherefores, whilst we are not all able to live in Peace, we are not achieving what we should. As relatively free thinking individuals, we should not stand by and allow a few in charge to steal all the spoils of the earth. We must propagate and share. So we do all need to stand up for what is right and to what is wrong.

On a smaller scale it comes down to exposing corruption and indeed, any deed not fair in its intentions. The collective mentality needs to collectively buy-into the understanding that thoughtfulness and compassion ie – love for ourselves and each and every one of us, means we have to ensure that everybody does the ‘right’ thing. That means producing rather than destroying, supporting life rather than killing it, contributing in the best way we can to improving ourselves and the world, until we evolve to our potential, and are free from suffering.

This link below is an inspiring insight for a better future for us all.

Caring about others – compassion – is the happiest state of mind.

Ted talk from Google on Compassion

Search inside yourself. Train your attention to create a quality of mind . This is the foundation of emotional intelligence and to a much happier world.


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