Can your website be automated like a vending machine..?

Metal cog wheels bonding together

The beauty of vending machines, is that they are an automated money-taking device, that automatically do business for us. No need for full-time staff.

As the products sell, we need to top it up, tidy it up, and collect the money inside. Every now and again, it needs a little maintenance, but most of the time, this amazing machine ticks along, working for us practically for free, 24 hours a day, making the owner money. If you have the right vending machine, in the right location, with the right products, for the right market, it can run like a dream, doing business for us 24 hours a day, day after day, year after year.

The same thing now applies online. An awesome digital business with the right products/services, targeted to the right audience, with the right messages, and the right mechanical build to automate it, means we can essentially create online vending machines, that operate 24 hours a day. Anyone with the internet can buy from us. Amazing.

We have done some quite detailed automated design/build/integration projects from start to finish recently…

including a new concept in Recruitment, where every placement allows a donation to be given from the client, to their choice of registered charities – and so much more – and can allow this to happen for the client automatically.

This means – we helped tighten and simplify this concept, then created and built specific functionality to make it a reality, including integrating Google Apps, WordPress, Salesforce, Xero and a Payment Gateway System – and turned this idea into a fully functioning reality. The site just now needs a few tweaks and then will be ready to optimise and launch, when our client is ready to go.

That’s a lot more than just a, ‘website’. This is a proper example of how your big idea can become a reality, and a proper automated digital business.

And because we have built these kinds of sites before, it means that we can simplify their build now, and predict in advance what it will take. We can even use features we have created before, advise on the best tools to use, and minimise the build time and costs, and therefore maximise your return on investment.

We have created systems that save money on staff costs and time in administration, whilst reducing the room for error.

We believe this is an awesome opportunity for anyone with a great idea and the desire to have a proper online business. That’s why we are here, and proud of what we do – it makes so much sense, as it’s a win/win scenario.

And turning your vision into a reality that inspires, excites and creates something new and good, works for us. 😉