+Asas – flying in Rio

Fancy a bossanova school with cocktails and dancing in a landmark cliff-side mansion? 

+Asas – ‘more wings’ – is developing a stylish and fast-growing, ‘local experiences’ portal attracting adventurous locals, tourists and big brands alike.

An innovative start-up based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +Asas provides unique and high quality experiences for anyone who wants to know the real Rio, and has plans to grow into other major cities of the world.

We love that + Asas re-imagines the way we see our own, or a new city, by empowering locals to provide unique experiences.

+Asas becomes a platform used by locals and visitors alike, who want to see more than just the major tourist attractions, and really have access to extra-ordinary experiences in a city with real local people.

+Asas is Beautifully Bringing People Together.

From paddle-boarding to home cooking experiences,  off-the-track adventures to custom made parties, or local bands in famous houses, +Asas is a great example of the kind of  business we love to be involved with – community minded and socially progressive.

This business is coming fast. Just wait for the next round of features.

It’s wonderful seeing +Asas receiving attention as well as famous guests like Rihanna – she can use her fast growing database and brand to bring adventure loving people, with great ideas,  together – for unique, locally guided experiences showing off the very best of the magnificent Rio de Janeiro – and beyond..

Check out our friends at +Asas

MEM worked closely with Isabella initially in developing detailed scoping and analysis of the project and industry, then with project planning, strategic development, documentation, and digital development elements.

We love Bella, and provide on-going support whenever possible.

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