Amazing new CRM info and Social Media Strategy toolkit revealed – Bruce Clay



Two top SEO tips from Des Odell from Bruce Clay

On Friday I visited The Internet Show exhibition in Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

It is an excellent event with presentations from many of the top minds in key internet related industries.

Annette Maloney from AM to PM Consulting gave a brilliantly insightful and up-to-date showcase of why social media is so critical to any business now wanting to attract more business.

This is all about Social Media Optimisation (SMO) and installation.

We learnt:

  • Australia is the number one country for social media use in the world, per capita
  • The very best practice in designing and implementing a social media strategy from start to finish
  • Details on a variety of useful tools to help us such as, Hoot Suite, Trend maps, Tweetadder3, Facebook insights,, and Klout
  • How to best use, monitor, and prove a strong return on investment, for businesses who want to use the latest technology to maximise their business potential

Chatting with Annette, who came from a News Ltd background was a joy. She openly shared her tricks of the trade, and brilliant insights from years at the cutting edge of the industry. We look forward to using these with all of our clients moving forward, and are pleased to be privvy to the latest information around the fastest growing business in the world.

I was then fortunate enough to have a private audience with Des Odell , the founder and Director of the Australian Division of Bruce Clay Australasia, one of the leading Search Engine Optimisation firms in the world. Bruce Clay was the man who invented the term, ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (known commonly as SEO) which is perhaps the most important element in attracting on-line business today and into the future, so this was a real treat.

Des was kind enough to allow me to exclusively interview him around the latest information and considerations in SEO today, that provide some brilliant insights for anyone interested in improving their natural ranking, findability on-line. This information is GOLDEN. Check out the exclusive video below..

Thank-you Annette and Des. Very much.

Magic Eye Marketing are pleased to be armed with a range of up-to-the-minute, best-practice tools and contacts such as these above, to advise and employ for our clients.

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