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Step by step guide to creating an online business

Here are some ideas to get us thinking around creating an on-line business.

  1. An Idea Factory – brainstorming ideas, dreams and goals
  2. Opportunity analysis, research and business planning
  3. Determining dedication and resources
  4. Clear, fixed goals, time-stamped
  5. ‘Owning’ a niche and keyword/industry analysis
  6. Hosting and domain names
  7. Wireframing (Designing the functionality of your website)
  8. Ongoing search engine optimisation – being found by our target market
  9. Look and feel – logos, templates, colours
  10. Optimising website designs – creating functional, beautiful things
  11. Training to use the ‘back-end’ to update your site
  12. Social Media strategy and design
  13. Producing and writing great content and getting ‘sticky’
  14. Customer analysis, acquisition and engagement – building your ‘clan’
  15. Strategic Sales, template strategy, design and training
  16. Mobile marketing and app development
  17. Web mastery and support
  18. Public relations and Press
  19. Consultative Selling Strategy
  20. Website and Digital ongoing review and upgrades
  21. Advertising and Pay per click
  22. Referral strategies and tools
  23. Training and learning more, insights, links, tools
  24. Digital integration and automation
  25. Statistics and analytics modelling, measurement, and maintenance
  26. Project management consulting and tools
  27. Customer relationship management and tools
  28. Localisation, loyalty and rewards
  29. Membership strategy and management
  30. Latest trends and strategies

We can help you in all of these areas and more.

Contact us now to share with us your ideal business and lifestyle.

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