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Our clients are amazing people! They are doing something GOOD.

If you want help sorting your business and digital life – now is the time to get in touch.

We are constantly working on sorting more beautiful web geography for the coolest of clients – musicians, animal psychology experts, merchandisers, food critics and journalists – and with just a small team of the best developers we have gathered -  quick, smart and reliable – with simple smart set-ups to get you cranking on-line and off.

We help you independantly bring your ideas and value to life – and to turn those passions into your life’s work.

You can have something good up on-line in a few days – you just need the ideas and want to make some content and to join a few dots. Easy.

We also help with the rest of your Business and Sales and Marketing Plan – and also try to help you generally to do what you want as much as we are able.

Building an on-line presence doesn’t have to be hard, or massively time consuming.

It can be started for less than $1,000 and with the clear goal of you learning how to run it yourself or with the help our hand-picked managers and developers.

We share our learnings with you happily.

Our rates are a little flexible depending on our circumstances and opportunity, and how interested we are in building your business. . so you call or email James and tell him confidentially what you want to do – and he will give you some ideas and opinions.

This is if you really do want to bring your idea/s to life, or tidy them up, and do something good.

If we work togetther, we will ask and answer questions of each other, and endeavor to always provide great ideas, advice, guidance and support for each other – whenever it is wanted.

The reality is to join the ‘new’ economy, add value, and create good stuff you enjoy and that helps. And become more free by helping others do the same.

By nature I think most of us love freedom you see. So it works for all of us.

Maybe we see building freedom and helping people get it, as our favourite thing. It has to be up there, anyway.

We want to bring authentic and happy customers to your business, and help you to build and love your tribe.

MEM have multi-national experience and gather and study best-practice techniques from a wide range of carefully filtered sources gathered throughout the years – amazing contacts and suppliers via trade-shows, seminars, best-practice newsletters, blogs, friends and communities.

We can manage any part/s of the project for you.  Projects needs project managing, and you can see quickly it takes a fair bit of time and knowledge to do it all yourself.  It’s in asking the right questions, and having great techniques and process. Along with tools and efficient support services.

We will give you starter advice and ideas. And can cast an experienced eye over your current business and show you plenty of ways to make it work better for you. We’ve been doing just this with amazing people and businesses for over 20 years.

There is a lot of necessary work that needs doing. Instruments for positive change. Good businesses for good people who want to provide useful things. These are what we most enjoy building. People doing something positive and expressing themselves  through their work.

We perhaps could work together to create more of the life we want to live. To be everything we want to be. Why wouldn’t we..?

Contact us now.  We are here to help you. ;)

ENJOY!  And best wishes- here’s a cool quote ;)

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